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Design NO. fcl Model China(Mainlan) Dimensions Standard Color Any Trademark OEM Transport Deal Box Specification ISO Origin China(Mainlan) HS Code 8483600090

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I.Brief IntroductionPlum blossom kind elastic shaft coupling is made up of semi-shaft coupling with the same protruding claw and elastic ingredient. Using the plum blossom elastic component set in between the protruding claw and two half shaft coupling to recognize the link of two semiaxis products.II.ApplicationFlexible coupling mainly used for begin regularly,rotating,higher-pace,medium torque and high trustworthiness in the office. Such as:mining and metallurgy,mine,petroleum,chemical,market,overweight,transportation,mild market,weaving,h2o pump,admirer,and many others. Perform surroundings -35~+800&degC.TYPEAllowable Wrench Torque (N.m)Max (rpm)Max Bore (mm)Out Dia (mm)Overall Size (mm)L1 (mm)Excess weight (kg)L-0350.156000816.120.156.680.02L-0500.4545001627.642.5515.600.14L-0700.936002034.349.9219.three hundred.25L-0751.536002644.652.8820.600.45L-0902.430002853.653.2220.7050.66L-095330002853.662.3625.200.78L-1007.530003664.686.4734.701.53L-1101525003884.3106.3243.103.3L-1503025004695.3112.9544.604.48L-19045200058115138.5056.009.14TypeMax torqueN.mMax speedr/minDD 1d 1LCn-M kgFCL90440009035.5112834-M8&times501.7FCL100104000100401135.534-M10&times562.3FCL11216400011245134034-M10&times562.8FCL12525400012550134534-M12&times644.0FCL14050400014063135036-M12&times645.4FCL160110400016080155638-M12&times648.0FCL180157350018090156338-M12&times6410.5FCL2002453200200100217148-M20&times8516.2FCL2243922850224112218048-M20&times8521.3FCL2206182550250125259048-M24&times11031.6FCL28098023002801403410048-M24&times11644.0FCL3151568205031516041112410-M24&times11657.7FCL355245018003551806012558-M30&times5089.5FCL4003920160040020060125510-M3Engineering Class Conveyor Chain, Drop Solid Rivetless Chain, Forged Chain, Sugar Mill Chain0&times150113FCL4506174140045022465140512-M30&times150145FCL5609800115056025085160514-M30&times150229FCL63015680100063028095180518-M30&times150296Our Services1. Handy: 24th Hrs revenue/Following-product sales Provider online or on the phone2. Good quality Assurance: We will talk about with you and source you the best good quality relaxed to your market3. Fast delivery: Time is cash, we promise we often will deliver the products faster than others4.In accordance to customers’ drawing,customized specifications are welcomed5.Low MOQ,modest orders can be accepted.About usZhalaiteqi Fengqing Mechanical seals portion Co.,ltd is 1 of skilled company , designing and creating rubber oil seals, hydraulic seals, mechanical seals,bearing,O-rings, PTFE gasket,and many others. these items are extensively utilized in automotive, hefty truck, agriculture equipment, construction equipment , Our company have robust functionality in strategy R&ampD and abundant encounter in productions. We have five several years knowledge.We often insist on its foothold Items Top quality IS Crucial TO AN Enterprise and we will proceed to persist on Quality Very first, CREDITAsplit sprocket,roller chains sprocket,specification normal chains sprocket,bulldozer sprocket,tapered bore sprocket,blank sprockets,industrial sprockets,normal sprocket,conveyor sprockets,loafer sprockets,spline shaft with sprocket,roller chain idler sprocket,excavator monitor sprockets,chain sprocket kit,belts drive sprockets,weld on sprocket,chain sprockets with bearing,sprockets for conveyor,sprockets assembly,sprocket flat prime chains,huge sprocket, double row sprocket,single sprocket,excavator sprocket wheel,triplex sprockets,solid iron sprocket,agricultural chain sprocket,timing sprocket,ansi regular for sprocket,stainless steel sprocket chain sprocket,high quality sprockets,sprockets with spline,roller sprocket,agricultural equipment sprockets,transmission sprocket,industrial chain sprocket,wheel sprocket,ansi sprockets,chain wheel sprocket,sprocket plate wheel duplex sprocketBILITY FIST basic principle, concentrate on exploring and producing, try our best to proving very first-class merchandise and very best support to fulfill our customers’ requirementsWelcome to get in touch with us If your have any questions !

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Model NO. fcl Brand name China(Mainlan) Dimension Common Colour Any Trademark OEM Transportation Package Box Specification ISO Origin China(Mainlan) HS Code 8483600090

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I.Transient IntroductionPlum blossom variety elastic shaft coupling is manufactured up of semi-shaft coupling with the exact same protruding claw and elastic component. Employing the plum blossom elastic ingredient set between the protruding claw and two half shaft coupling to understand the link of two semiaxis units.II.ApplicationFlexible coupling largely used for start regularly,rotating,high-pace,medium torque and substantial dependability in the place of work. These kinds of as:mining and metallurgy,mine,petroleum,chemical,market,over weight,transportation,light business,weaving,h2o pump,enthusiast,and so forth. Function surroundings -35~+800&degC.TYPEAllowable Wrench Torque (N.m)Max (rpm)Max Bore (mm)Out Dia (mm)Total Size (mm)L1 (mm)Fat (kg)L-0350.156000816.one hundred twenty.156.680.02L-0500.4545001627.642.5515.600.14L-0700.936002034.349.9219.three hundred.25L-0751.536002644.652.8820.600.45L-0902.430002853.653.2220.7050.66L-095330002853.662.3625.two hundred.78L-1007.530003664.686.4734.701.53L-1101525003884.3106.3243.103.3L-1503025004695.3112.9544.604.48L-19045200058115138.5056.009.14TypeMax torqueN.mMax speedr/minDD 1d 1LCn-M kgFCL90440009035.5112834-M8&times501.7FCL100104000100401135.534-M10&times562.3FCL11216400011245134034-M10&times562.8FCL12525400012550134534-M12&times644.0FCL14050400014063135036-M12&times645.4FCL160110400016080155638-M12&times648.0FCL180157350018090156338-M12&times6410.5FCL2002453200200100217148-M20&times8516.2FCL2243922850224112218048-M20&times8521.3FCL2206182550250125259048-M24&times11031.6FCL28098023002801403410048-M24&times11644.0FCL3151568205031516041112410-M24&times11657.7FCL355245018003551806012558-M30&times5089.5FCL4003920160040020060125510-M30&times150113FCL4506174140045022465140512-M30&times150145FCL5609800115056025085160514-M30&times150229FCL63015680100063028095180518-M30&times150296Our Services1. Practical: twenty fourth Hours sales/Right after-product sales Service on the internet or on the phone2. Good quality Assurance: We will go over with you and source you the greatest top quality comfy to your market3. Quick supply: Time is money, we assure we always will deliver the items faster than others4.In accordance to customers’ drawing,tailored requirements are welcomed5.Low MOQ,tiny orders can be approved.About usZhalaiteqi Fengqing Mechanical seals element Co.,ltd is a single of specialist manufacturer , developing and producing rubber oil seals, hydraulic seals, mechanical seals,bearing,O-rings, PTFE gasket,etc. these goods are extensively used in automotive, heavy truck, agriculture equipment, design equipment , Our firm have sturdy functionality in technique R&ampD and prosperous knowledge in productions. We have five a long time encounter.We often insist on its foothold Products High quality IS Crucial TO AN Enterprise and we will keep on to persist on Quality First, CREDITABILITY FIST theory, concentrate on exploring and creating, try our ideal to proWe are company, engineer experienced abundant experience in excess of 20 several years. ving very first-class products and very best services to satisfy our customers’ requirementsWelcome to speak to us If your have any concerns !


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