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Product Description

Single Sphere Flexible Flange Rubber Expansion Joint Dismantling joint    


1.Service life up to 3 years.

2.Recycled rubber:0%

3.More than 55% rubber content. 4.Enough nylon layers to ensure high pressure resistance

5.Cooper plated steel wire 10 layer of Nylon cord

6.No rust,No thin,No sand holes,No leakage

7.Strong acid and alkali resistance,wear resistance,oil resistance,over food

8.Provide free after-sale service for new products, and pay the freight and tariff for after-sale products if there is quality problem

9.Above DN100 have the steel wire prevent it from being pulled off

10.Different length of molds for every size meets all special lengths need


Size: DN32 to DN1000
Class: PN10, PN16. PN25, 125LB, 150LB
Type: NBR/EPDM Body, Single sphere or double sphere, carbon steel galvanized flange, flanged end and threaded end, flange: Carbon steel

Material of different parts: 

1.Body: WCB/ zinc carbon steel 


2.Seat: CZPT /NBR

3. Reinforcement: Nylon cord


PN10, PN16, PN25



Techinical Data:


Nominal Pressure PN(Mpa) 1.0 1.6
Burst Pressure(Mpa) 3.0 4.8
Working Temperature -20~115

water, air, oli, acid, etc

Strengths of expansion joint:
Small size, lightweight, easy to install and maitain, good performance, and with different color, different material quality.
Afcon Ninjing CZPT Industries Co., Ltd is located in HangZhou City ZheJiang Province. Founded in 2571.CZPT is 1 of the leading companies specializing in R&D, design and manufacturing of a full range of industrial valves made from premium materials. These include butterfly valves, check valves, Y strainers, rubber joints, gate valves and ball valves, as well as aluminum die casting and a wide range of related accessories for pipe fittings.Presently CZPT hold all required certification such as ABS, CE, DNV-GL, ISO9001, LR for export needs.The products have been exported to Europe, Middle East, America, Africa and Asia Pacific areas. Many large projects have been successfully installed, with complete customer satisfaction, in different sectors of industries.CZPT is fully equipped with an “in-house” CZPT line and powder coating line catering not only to ensure direct QA and efficiency in the production process, but with the added reduction in our cost base.Presently our facilities cover an area of 50,000 square CZPT with opportunity to expand our growth in export markets.With over 8 years of growth development and experience with our successful product research, manufacturing expertise and sales performance we have proven that “Quality IS our Business”.Welcome friends from all over the world to our company for visiting and cooperation.Our company is well equipped with all the advanced manufacturing equipments, including machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine, automatic welding equipment and professional spray lines.AFCON also has independently established an advanced chemical laboratory. With the establishment of an advanced pressure test centers, it is full-equipped with universal materiai testing machine, pendulum impact testing machine, ultrasonic hardness tester, ultrasonic thickness gauge, magnetic detectors, ultrasonic nondestructive testing equipment, low temperature testing machine, cold stamping testing machine, the establishment of an advance pressure test center.

Dear Prospective Customer,
AFCON adheres to the following Core Values:
O Personal and Professional Working Relationships
O Complete Trust and Respect for each person on Our Team
O “Quality IS our Business”
With over 10 years of growth development and experience with our successful product research, manufacturing expertise and sales performance we have proven that “Quality IS our Business”.
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Sales Tem of AFCON

Q: What is your payment term?
A: T/T 30% down payment, balance to be paid before shipment. Or LIC.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Depends on QTY.
Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company? How to reach your company from ZheJiang ?
A: We are a well-experienced manufacturer. And it is about 1.5 hours by high speed train from ZheJiang Nan Station.
Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or charged?
A: Yes, we can offer sample free but shipping charges covered by customer.
Q: If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?
A: We will responsible for all the quality problems if it is not human causes.


rubber coupling

Recent Advancements in Rubber Coupling Technology

In recent years, rubber coupling technology has seen several advancements aimed at improving performance, durability, and overall efficiency:

  • Enhanced Rubber Compounds: Development of advanced rubber compounds with improved resistance to wear, heat, chemicals, and environmental conditions.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: Utilization of innovative manufacturing processes like injection molding and vulcanization to create couplings with consistent quality and higher precision.
  • Improved Design: Integration of advanced design techniques and computer simulations to optimize the shape and characteristics of rubber elements, resulting in enhanced flexibility and damping properties.
  • Customization: Increasing focus on offering customizable rubber couplings to meet specific application requirements and environmental conditions.
  • Smart Couplings: Incorporation of sensors and monitoring systems into rubber couplings, allowing real-time tracking of coupling performance and condition.

These advancements have led to rubber couplings that offer better torque transmission, improved vibration isolation, longer service life, and reduced maintenance needs.

rubber coupling

Handling Torque and Vibration Suppression in Rubber Couplings

Rubber couplings are designed to effectively handle both high levels of torque transmission and vibration suppression. The flexibility and damping properties of rubber make it well-suited for these purposes:

  • Torque Transmission: Rubber couplings can transmit torque between shafts while accommodating angular misalignment. The rubber element flexes and deforms as torque is applied, allowing the coupling to transmit power even in misaligned conditions.
  • Vibration Suppression: Rubber’s inherent damping characteristics help absorb and dissipate vibrations and shocks generated during the operation of machinery. This feature reduces the transfer of vibrations to connected components, minimizing wear and enhancing overall system performance.

Engineers select the appropriate rubber material and coupling design to ensure that the coupling can effectively handle the required torque levels and provide the desired vibration suppression. Rubber couplings find applications in various industries where torque transmission and vibration damping are critical for smooth and reliable machinery operation.

rubber coupling

Types of Rubber Couplings Designed for Specific Uses

There are several types of rubber couplings, each designed with specific characteristics to suit various applications:

  • Flexible Jaw Couplings: These couplings consist of two hubs connected by a flexible rubber element. They are commonly used in applications where misalignment, vibrations, and shocks need to be dampened, such as in pumps, fans, and compressors.
  • Oldham Couplings: Oldham couplings use a rubber disk as the intermediate element between two hubs. They provide compensation for misalignment while maintaining a constant velocity between input and output shafts, often used in printing, packaging, and CNC machinery.
  • Tyre Couplings: These couplings have a high degree of torsional flexibility and are suitable for applications with substantial misalignment and shock absorption requirements, like in heavy-duty machinery and construction equipment.
  • Pin and Bush Couplings: These couplings use rubber bushes to provide vibration isolation and accommodate misalignment. They are used in various industrial applications, including conveyors, mixers, and crushers.
  • Diaphragm Couplings: Diaphragm couplings use a flexible rubber diaphragm to transmit torque and compensate for misalignment. They are commonly found in precision equipment like servo motors and robotics.

Each type of rubber coupling is designed to address specific needs in different applications. The choice of coupling depends on factors such as the degree of misalignment, torque requirements, shock absorption, and the level of precision needed.

China Best Sales China Exports Top Quality Flexible Rubber/ PTFE Expansion Joint Compensator Flange Coupling  China Best Sales China Exports Top Quality Flexible Rubber/ PTFE Expansion Joint Compensator Flange Coupling
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rubber coupling

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